There is a charge of £31.25 for each (240 litre) replacement blue, brown, burgundy or green bin.

The charge does not apply to food waste caddies or black boxes.

If during collection your wheeled bin has been damaged by our collection crew or if it has fallen into the collection vehicle, no charge will be applied. Should either of these situations occur, our collection crews will report any damage at the point of collection, and we will arrange for the delivery of a replacement bin.

A charge also applies if you are the 1st occupier of a new build house and require a full set of bins.

Brown bin (garden waste)

Since 01 April 2023, if you wish to recycle garden waste in your brown bin, you must purchase a garden waste permit (per bin). If you are requesting a replacement brown bin, you will need to provide the unique reference number on your garden waste permit.

Larger green bin information can be found on our FAQ page.

Frequently asked questions

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Why is there a charge for replacement bins ?

At the Council Budget meeting of 11 March 2021, it was agreed a charge for replacement wheeled bins would be introduced. This charge applies only to wheeled bins. There is no charge for replacement food caddy or black box requests.

When did the charge come into effect?

The charge came in to effect on 01 April 2021, and replacement wheeled bins are now charged at £31.25 per bin.

What if my bins are damaged during collection?

If a wheeled bin falls into our collection vehicle, this will be reported by the collection crew and will be replaced free of charge.  If a bin is damaged during collection, and is not suitable for repair, this will be reported by the collection crew and will be replaced free of charge .

All other replacement bins must be paid for before a new bin will be issued.

Are there any discounts or discretions available for the replacement bin cost?

There are no discounts or discretions available. Please see our advice on keeping your bins safe and secure.

Will I be charged if my bin needs a repair?

No, we will replace damaged bin lids and/or wheels free of charge.

How do I request a repair for a damaged bin?

Please email your address and a description of the repair needed: