It is important to ensure that the right materials go in the right bin. If we get it right, it gives the best opportunity for the materials to be recycled.

If the wrong materials are mixed in, the overall quality is affected and can result in the collected materials being unsuitable for recycling and being sent to landfill.

We will not empty bins containing the wrong materials

If your bin is contaminated, we'll leave a either a sticker or a tag to let you know what to do and how to have it uplifted once the contaminating items have been removed.

It is the householder's responsibility to remove the wrong materials and represent your bin on the next scheduled collection day. Alternatively, material can be taken to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre where recyclable materials can be deposited.

Should you wish for your bin to be emptied before the next scheduled collection date, there will be charge of £15 per bin. To arrange an uplift please call the Contact Centre.

Please note the opportunity to pay £15 for an uplift is available as a one-off collection service, and cannot be used on a repeated basis for recycling bins.

Householders who put the wrong material in the bin for a second time will be visited by a Waste Services Officer to advise you about the correct use of your bins.

Here's how to get it right

To find out what materials should be in your bins, please refer to the What goes in my bins? section:

Common items that contaminate bins

Plastic bags

If you use plastics bags to collect your recycling materials, please tip the contents of the bag into the correct recycling bin. Afterwards either reuse it or recycle it at a local supermarket. If you are not going to recycle the emptied plastic bag, it should go in the green bin.

Contaminated blue bin

Plastic film

Plastic film and netting, such as cling film, crisp and sweet packets, biscuit wrappers, foiled lined plastics are not recyclable. All of these items should be put in your green bin.

Film in the green bin

Food containers

All plastic food container trays should be rinsed before being placed in the blue bin. Cardboard food containers such as pizza boxes should be placed in the burgundy bin. If the containers have food in them, they can't be recycled and should be placed in the green bin.

Contaminated blue bin

Food waste

All types of food waste should be placed in your food caddy, which is collected weekly.


Polystyrene can't currently be recycled so please use your green bin.


Nappies should be put in your green bin or you can request the Absorbent Hygiene Product (AHP) collection service.


If you have any clothes or any kind of fabric that you want to recycle you can request textile bags from us that will be collected along with the black box or you can take them to one of our recycling centres or recycling points.