Office bearers and portfolio holder information will be updated in due course (as a result of the recent local election).

Councillors elected from the recent election can be found at councillors by ward.

Council control

Following the elections on 05 May 2022, the break-down of Falkirk Council is:

Affiliation Councillors
Conservative 5
Independent 1
Labour 9
Non-aligned Independent Group 3
SNP 12

Office bearers

Position Councillor
Provost Robert Bissett
Depute Provost David Balfour
Leader of the Council Cecil Meiklejohn

Portfolio holders

Position Councillor
Leader of the Council Cecil Meiklejohn
Climate Iain Sinclair
Economic Development Paul Garner
Education and Leisure Laura Murtagh
Health and Social Care Fiona Collie
Housing and Communities Gary Bouse
Public Protection Stacey Devine