The Strategic Outcomes and Local Delivery Plan (SOLD) an was in place between 2016 and 2020. It was developed by the Falkirk Community Planning Partnership and set the outcomes and priorities for the Partnership to improve. Each theme had a delivery group responsible for planning and reporting on improvements. Some Delivery Groups have their own strategy in place, and others have delivery plans. The themes and corresponding delivery groups were:

Our area will be a fairer and more equal place to live
Delivery Group: Fairer Falkirk
Plan: Towards a Fairer Falkirk 2019-2024

We will grow our local economy to secure successful business, investment and employment
Delivery Group: Falkirk Economic Partnership
Plan: Falkirk Economic Strategy 2015-2025

Our children will develop into resilient, confident and successful adults
Delivery Group: Children's Commission
Plan: Integrated Children’s Services Plan 2020-2023

Our population will be healthier
Delivery Group: Health and Wellbeing Group

People live full, independent and positive lives within supportive communities
Delivery Group: None, this outcome is planned for via the Integration Joint Board

Our area will be a safer place to live
Delivery Group: Public Protection Chief Officers Group

SOLD Evaluation 2020

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