Please note, more recent Local Child Poverty Action Reports for Falkirk are published on the Falkirk Community Planning website.

Towards a Fairer Falkirk is a strategy for the Falkirk Community Planning Partnership which aims to mitigate the impact that poverty has on individuals, families and communities in our area. By reducing the impact that poverty has on day to day living today, we can reduce the longer term impact that it has on aspirations, achievements and health, particularly for today's children who are the parents of the future.

Our vision is for an inclusive and fairer Falkirk, with equality and equity of opportunity for all.

We want to make sure that everyone enjoys the benefits of living and working in this area and that people are not excluded or disadvantaged because of poverty.

To achieve this vision we will focus on 4 themes:

  • Fairer Access – making sure our services are focused on supporting people in or at risk of poverty and that when someone comes to us for support we deliver services around their needs, looking for opportunities to provide additional support
  • Fairer Money – making sure people are getting the benefits they are entitled to and that they have access to advice, support and appropriate financial products to help them make the most of the income they have
  • Fairer Childhood – reducing the impact of poverty on children through considering the cost of the school day, providing food and activities during school holidays and other interventions to support families
  • Fairer Culture – making sure people have a basic understanding of poverty and the impact it can have so that we reduce the stigma that can be associated with living in poverty and make sure services are designed to support people living on a low income

You can find out more about Towards a Fairer Falkirk by reading:

Towards a Fairer Falkirk 2019-2024

Our strategy places an emphasis on equality.

Additional information relating to financial advice is available on the following pages:

Child Poverty

The Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 requires local authority and NHS health boards to produce a report specifying what action is taking place, and is planned to take place, to tackle child poverty in their area.

In our poverty strategy 'Towards a Fairer Falkirk', we set out our aims to mitigate the impact that poverty has on individuals, families and communities in our area. Over the past few months, Falkirk Council and NHS Forth Valley have worked closely with various organisations and services who provide support to those in poverty. We were told about work reducing the impact of poverty on children right now and what else we could be doing in the future to engage with families and help support them as best we can.

This third year report focuses on what we have achieved in 2020-21 and updates our 3 year (2021 - 2023) action plan.

Falkirk Child Poverty Action Report 2021

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Falkirk Child Poverty Action Report 2020
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