Do you have an idea that will improve the quality of life in your community?

Do you have a proposal that will make a positive and lasting difference to your area?

There's now an opportunity to make it happen!

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Phase One of Community Choices is now closed. Phase Two will be launched in September 2021.

Have you voted? Don't miss the chance to make your voice heard.

Voting for the Place-based Capital Programme is now open and will close on Friday, 16 July.

Voting for Small Grants proposals is now closed. Results will be announced shortly.

We are launching the Community Choices initiative; a fund of over £3M over two years where you can apply for funding to bring about the changes that can make a difference to your community.

Community Choices aims to support proposals that can make your area fairer, healthier, more connected and more inclusive. Clubs, organisations, community groups and even individuals can apply for funding to make these changes happen.

Community Choices will let communities across the Council area decide how money is spent in your neighbourhood. We believe that communities know what’s best for them, and what you need to improve the quality of life for residents. We want to capture that local ambition, and encourage communities to be directly involved in delivering the services that are important to you.

Two Funds

Groups and organisations can apply to two separate funds: a small grants programme with a maximum of £1,500 per proposal. Around £10,000 will be available to each of Falkirk Council’s nine wards in the first year as part of the Small grants programme.

The Capital programme will make available a total of £3m over two years. Proposals for this fund must be for a minimum of £5000, and can be used for building something new, improving an asset, and purchasing equipment.

Initial expressions of interest should be submitted by Friday, 5 March.

Expression of Interest Form

An Advisory Panel made up of nine community representatives (one from each Council ward), four representatives from Falkirk's charity and voluntary sector and four representatives from Falkirk Council and the Health & Social Care Partnership will ensure that applications meet the criteria before they are put forward to a public vote.

The closing date for final applications is 9 April. The public will then vote on which of the projects should receive public funding. Voting will run from 26 April to 14 May.

Interested groups and people don’t need to have any prior experience of project management or financial expertise. However, they will need to commit to the duration of the projects from initial expression of interest to completion. Applicants can discuss their submissions both before and during the process with Falkirk Council staff.