Where space makes it impossible to present or store bins we offer a loose collection service.

How it works

A set amount of sacks or stickers are paid for upfront, the price of the sacks/stickers has the cost of collection and disposal factored into the price which makes them simple for your business to budget for them.


Once the sacks are full they are put out on the allocated collection day. There are two varieties of sacks:

  • Green sacks for non-recyclables
  • Clear sacks for recycling

Recycling Sacks

Clear sacks are for two different categories of recycling:

  • paper and cardboard
  • plastics, cans and cartons

Items from these two categories should be placed into separate clear sacks.

Image showing which recycling items should go in the clear sack

This gives your business extra flexibility with recycling and means that locations that produce mostly one kind of recyclate still are still able to recyclate everything. For example a shop might have mostly paper and cardboard recycling but can still put plastic bottles and drinks cans into a separate clear sack.

Cardboard labels

Cardboard labels are purchased in advance just like the sacks. Once enough cardboard is ready to be disposed of the cardboard should be flat packed and tied together or placed into another cardboard box. Each bundle of cardboard or box should have a separate label clearly stuck to it. Bundles must be presented on the designated collection day.