In this section you will find guidance on how to complete and submit the trade waste paperwork. It's important to get this right so that you can prove that your business disposes of its waste in a safe and legal manner.

The paperwork consists of 3 separate documents, these are:

  1. The Trade Waste Collection (TWC) Agreement
  2. The terms and conditions on the back of the Trade Waste Collection Agreement
  3. The Waste Transfer Note (Duty of Care)

Documents 1 & 2 are the contract between Falkirk Council and your business, there are different versions for businesses, charities and Falkirk Council owned locations, so check that you have the correct version.

The Waste Transfer Note although similar to the Trade Waste Collection Agreement is a separate document. It is your proof that you are disposing of your waste properly. A copy of this should be kept by your business for 2 years.

Completing the Trade Waste Collection (TWC) agreement

On section 1 fill out the details about the company. If you can please give an email address and a phone number as this will make it easier for us to contact and keep you updated on any service developments.

On Section 2 fill out the level of service you require by entering the bin size you would like for each category of materials, then detail how often you would like it collected. You may have spoken with an officer about what you require already.

If you need guidance on the most appropriate level of service for your business please contact us:

Once you have completed the first two sections and read the terms and conditions, section 3 must be signed and returned in the prepaid envelope provided along with the completed Waste Transfer Note.

Completing the Waste Transfer Note

Fill out Sections A & B of the waste transfer note with the same information you included on the previous document.

We need to know what your business does that is why we ask for your Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code. This is a standardised way for businesses to describe what they are. You can find out the classification of your business on the Companies House website.

We have included some of the most common codes for business types in the area at the bottom of this page to assist with the completion of the Waste Transfer Note.

Once you have read the T&Cs and filled out both documents, the completed paperwork can be sent back to us. Documents can be posted or be scanned and sent as an email attachment.

Common SIC Codes

SIC Code Details
94910 Churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, places of worship
94990 Community centres, lodges, rotary clubs, non-licensed social clubs, scout/guide halls, art clubs, other hobby clubs
56101 Pubs, bars, and licensed restaurants
56102 Unlicensed restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, canteens
56103 Take-away restaurants, snack vans, ice cream vans, market stalls with food preparation
45200 Garages, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
47799 Second hand shops, second hand book shops, second hand furniture shops
96020 Hairdressers, barbers, beauty parlours, manicurists, pedicurists
68310 Estate agents, letting agents, property consultants, land agents
69102 Lawyers, solicitors
86230 Dentists, hygienists, orthodontists
47110 Non specialised store, general store, supermarkets, off licence or no licence, convenience stores, corner shops
93120 Sports clubs, bowling clubs, golf clubs, cycle clubs, football clubs, rugby clubs

If you can't find a category that fits your business, search Companies House.