Child Tax Credits has now been replaced by Universal Credit.

Child Tax Credit rates for the 2024 to 2025 tax year

Element Yearly amount
The basic amount
(this is known as 'the family element')
Up to £545
For each child
(this is known as 'the child element')
Up to £3,455
For each disabled child Up to £4,170
(on top of the child element)
For each severely disabled child Up to £1,680
(on top of the child element and the disabled child element)

Use the GOV.UK tax credit calculator to work out how much you could get.

Benefit Cap

Child Tax Credit is one of the benefits subject to the benefit cap, which limits the total weekly benefits that you can claim. The benefit cap will not apply if you qualify for Working Tax Credit, or if you receive certain benefits.

How do I claim?

You can only make a claim for Child Tax Credit if you already get Working Tax Credit.

If you get Working Tax Credit

Update your existing tax credit claim to claim Child Tax Credit.

If you do not get Working Tax Credit

You cannot apply for Child Tax Credit.