Severe weather can disrupt our daily lives.

The Met Office helps you keep up to date with the latest weather forecasts and warnings. For advice on what to do in severe weather, you can view the Met Office's weather warnings guide.

For advice on travelling in severe weather, please visit Ready Scotland. Live travel information is provided by Traffic Scotland.

Severe weather can cause disruption to utility providers. Ready Scotland provides advice to make sure you are prepared for the loss of power.

In an emergency

If advised to take shelter within your home or building

  • Go in, stay in and tune in to Central FM on 103.1
  • Close all doors and windows, shut down all ventilation and air conditioning systems and block obvious draughts
  • Extinguish all flames - for example, pilot lights
  • Get out your home emergency kit
  • Do not try to collect your children from school unless told to do so
  • Listen for public announcements and do not go outside until you are told to do so
  • Listen for public announcements

For more information about preparing for severe weather, please visit Ready Scotland.

Emergency evacuation

The emergency evacuation of houses will only happen in extreme circumstances.

If the police ask you to leave your home, don't argue. They will ask you to go to a place of safety. If you decide to go somewhere else, let them know so you can be accounted for.

Don’t worry if you have additional support needs, the services carrying out the evacuation will make arrangements for you.

If there is time you should take along medicines, warm clothes, any special foods and personal documents. If you have pets you should take their food, baskets and leads with you.

If you have time, you should make sure that fires are out, your water, gas and electricity are switched off and your property is locked up.