If you have been in our care and are aged between 16 and 21, we can give you with practical advice and help.

We can help you:

  • Get access to health services, such as a doctor or dentist
  • Claim benefits you are entitled to
  • With personal support
  • Find a place to stay
  • Apply to get on a course, for training or a job

You can also get help if you need extra support to:

  • Build relationships with your family
  • If you have mental health difficulties
  • If you have problems with substance misuse

We want to help you get the skills you need to live on your own. We work with other services and professionals involved with you to make sure our services meet your needs.

We are able to help you until you are 19 years old if you have been in care at, or after, your school leaving date. The law says that at this age you are a compulsory supported person.

If you need help once you are over 19 and have been in care, we provide services until you are 21. The law says that at this age you're a discretionary supported person.