A credit union is a non-profit financial co-operative which offers saving accounts and low interest loans to its members.

It is owned by its members and run by volunteers. They provide confidential, safe and ethical savings accounts and affordable loans to members.

Anyone can join a credit union in the Falkirk Council area if they live or work in the area. Junior Saving accounts are available for under 16s. Savings up to £85,000 are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, while the credit unions offer savings and loans life protection free of charge.

Some of credit unions in the Falkirk Council area offer payroll deductions, payment by Standing Order, PayPoint and card payments.

We can help local credit unions by providing advice and information to help them get started and manage their affairs.

We support local credit unions by:

  • Helping with the development of credit union branches throughout the Falkirk Council area
  • Providing credit union collection points in local community centres
  • Helping with funding
  • Helping with planning, development and training

Please contact the Falkirk Credit Union to find your nearest branch.

Falkirk District Credit Union
Main Branch
4 Station Road