Education can be provided for children in hospital if they are well enough to learn. The child's parents or carers, their teachers and medical staff, should judge whether the child is well enough to receive any education. The priority at the start of the hospital stay, and for short illnesses, is on medical treatment and recovery with some play activity.

If your child is sick and is admitted to hospital, you should contact your child's school to arrange educational support. Teaching in hospital should normally begin after the child has been in hospital for more than five working days. If the child will be absent from school for more than five days, teaching may start when the child is admitted to hospital.

The child's school is responsible for continuing the child's education. They may do this by providing work and loaning materials to parents or carers to share with their child or maintain contact and support in other ways.

At Forth Valley Royal Hospital, there is a part-time Hospital Teacher and Support for Learning Assistant who can work with the child to continue their education in consultation with the child's school.