Electric vehicles (EVs) are key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. EVs will have a key role in supporting our renewable energy ambitions and local energy systems. EVs will bring benefits to drivers, communities and the wider environment.

Benefits of electric vehicles

While the initial upfront purchase price of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle can be higher, this is usually offset by lower running costs.

Electric vehicles offer savings, including:

  • There are fewer mechanical components in an electric vehicle compared with conventional vehicles, which often results in lower servicing and maintenance costs
  • Pure EVs have a zero rate of vehicle excise duty
  • Low insurance costs
  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions and no air pollution at point of use

The Energy Saving Trust have more information on the benefits of EVs.

Electric vehicle charge point locations

There is a growing number of publicly available Charge Points in the Falkirk Council area. You can view the locations of Charge Points on the live web map at chargeplacescotland.org. The map will also show in real time which chargers are available for use, and will show if a Charge Point has a tariff to use it.

Using an electric vehicle charge point

To access the ChargePlace Scotland network you need to sign up to become a member.

Once you are a member you will need to decide which access method you want to use. You can choose to purchase a ChargePlace Scotland Access card, or you can download the Charge Your Car mobile app for free from your app store. The ChargePlace Scotland Access Card will need to be ordered at a one-off cost of £10. If you don't want to become a member, you can still use the charge points through the mobile app or by phoning ChargePlace Scotland on 0141 648 0750.

Once your access card arrives, you can then use it to charge your EV at any charge point displayed on our live map. We do recommend ordering an RFID card due to the remote location of some chargers impacting phone signal for app use.

ChargePlace Scotland has developed an etiquette guide on using the charging network. We ask that all users of the network refer to this guide to ensure everyone the best and fairest experience.

As we continue to expand our public facing EV charging network to over 100 chargers by Summer 2023, we will be introducing a new tariff from Saturday 01 April 2023. This will allow us to cover the costs of operating the EV charge points and encourage efficient use of the chargers.

Tariffs are as follows:

Charger type Cost per kWh Minimum charge Overstay fee Overstay fee
chargeable after every
Fast charger (7kW) £0.48 £5.00 £0.00 not applicable
Fast charger (22kW) £0.48 £5.00 £12.00 4 hours
Rapid charger (43-50kW) £0.69 £5.00 £20.00 60 minutes
Ultra-rapid charger (150kW) £0.75 £5.00 £30.00 40 minutes

Parking charges will not apply to EVs while plugged in and charging in an EV charging bay.