Please complete the relevant application form below if you wish to:

  • Apply for a new address (individual and large development sites)
  • Request an alteration to your address
  • Request the renumbering of a previously addressed scheme or part thereof

Please ensure that you have read the guidance notes below prior to completing your application.

Street naming & numbering - Guidance notes to applicants

Application forms

After you submit your application form you will receive an acknowledgement to the email address provided confirming receipt of your application and providing you with your application reference number. Please take note of this number as you will need this to pay any fees that are applicable to your application.

We will then contact you in due course to confirm any fee due and how payment can be made.

Please do not send any payment in the first instance when you receive your reference number as each application will be assessed to determine the appropriate fee.

A summary of the fees that could be applied can be found below:

Charges 2024/2025 Per property
Naming a new street £165.00
Naming and numbering of new property or changing name of existing property
1 property £63.80
2 - 5 properties £57.20 (per property)
6 - 10 properties £48.40 (per property)
11 - 25 properties £41.80 (per property)
26 - 50 properties £33.00 (per property)
51 - 100 properties £23.10 (per property)
100> properties £23.10 (per property)
Any renumbering after issuing notification £165.00 (per property renumbered)