We are starting the process of preparing a new Local Development Plan (LDP3) which will guide growth and change in our communities for years to come. It will indicate where new development should or should not take place, what infrastructure is needed to support growth, and how our environment and greenspace can be improved.

Watch the following video to find out why LDP3 is important.

LDP3 Call for Evidence: Tell Us About Your Place

The first stage in the process is to gather information about the area which will help us prepare an Evidence Report on which to base the new plan. To help us with this, we're asking people who live or work in the area to complete this survey to tell us about their places and how they function. What is good about them, and what could be improved?

It's important that we hear from all sorts of different people, particularly children and young people whose future will be affected by the new plan. They can fill in their own surveys below:

We also want the views of national and local organisations and businesses who have a stake in the area. They are invited to supply information related to their interests which they think should be considered as part of the evidence gathering process. They can use this survey or email us at ldp@falkirk.gov.uk.

Development Plan Scheme

Our Development Plan Scheme includes more information on how LDP3 will be prepared, including a programme and how we will consult people on the plan.

Development Plan Scheme

A summary of the timetable for LDP3 is shown below:

Stage Description Date
Development Plan Scheme A project plan setting out timetable and how we’re going to engage people. Plan process is launched. January 2022
Evidence Report Gathering information from agencies and local communities about the area and key topics to prepare Evidence Report. 2022-2023
Gate Check Evidence Report sent to Scottish Ministers. Reporter considers whether evidence is 'sufficient'. 2024
Proposed Plan Call for ideas/sites, consider strategy options, carry out assessments, prepare and consult on Proposed Plan. Modify plan and submit to Scottish Ministers. 2024-2026
Examination Reporter considers unresolved issues at examination and prepares report with recommendations. 2026-2027
Adoption & Delivery Plan modified and adopted. Delivery Programme published. 2027+

Development Plan Update

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The most recent Development Plan newsletter can be viewed below:

March 2023