A new Community Action Plan (CAP) has been produced for Grangemouth.

The Plan outlines how the challenges and opportunities in Grangemouth will be tackled over the next few years. The Plan has its roots in the consultation work undertaken with the local community over 2018-19. The draft CAP produced in 2019 was put on pause as Grangemouth (and the wider community) responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That Plan has been thoroughly updated by the Grangemouth Stakeholder Group – a group of service providers from across the area who work in and deliver services to the communities of Grangemouth. They include:

  • Falkirk Council
  • NHS Forth Valley
  • CVS Falkirk
  • Police Scotland
  • Falkirk Health and Social care Partnership
  • and several others.

Also on the Group are community representatives – including those from Grangemouth and Skinflats Community Council. These are people who live in Grangemouth and who know the challenges of the area, and who are keen to see positive change in the town.

One of the key positive platforms of the Grangemouth CAP is the Growth Deal – an exciting economic initiative which will see £90m to improve the town economically and environmentally for decades to come. In turn, that investment will attract many hundreds of millions of pounds of external investment to make Grangemouth a prosperous, vibrant and dynamic community.

Grangemouth Community Action Plan