Community Asset Transfers (CATs) allow Community led organisations to buy, lease or exercise rights over properties owned by "Regulated Bodies" named in the Community Empowerment Act 2015 (Scotland).

This list includes all Scottish Councils, who are required by the Act to publish a Register of Assets for members of the public to view as potential Community Asset Transfers.

The Community organisations must meet the criteria to act as "Community Transfer Bodies" (CTBs). This means minimum standards of Governance and Community Interest must be proven in the application process. Please read the Scottish Government Guidance to Community Transfer Bodies for further information.

Community Asset Transfer relies on CTBs who feel that they can make a case for taking on property or land and making better use of that asset than previously. After an initial Expression of Interest, CTBs will be expected to show us that their plan is the best use of that asset for the community in general.

To help explain we have created a document that fully describes the process that is used to gather, process and advance the materials necessary to make a CAT a reality.

Community Asset Transfer process

Our frequently asked questions may help with any other questions you might have.

Making a Community Asset Transfer request

In the first instance please contact the Community Asset Transfer team:

Community Asset Transfer Coordinator

A Community Asset Transfer team member will be in touch to guide your next steps. All forms and associated guidance will be given to the CTB as appropriate.

Annual Report

We are required by the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 to publish annual reports to inform the public about any Community Asset Transfer applications received by a community body

The report for 2020/21 is included below.

Total new applications received in 2020/21 0
Total applications received prior to 1 April 2020 which were still to be determined at 1 April 2020 0
Number of applications agreed in 2020/21 0
Number of applications refused in 2020/21 0
Total applications (received in any year) still to be determined as at 31 March 2021 0

In 2020/21, no community asset transfer requests were received.

Action taken to promote and support Community Asset Transfer

We promote Community Asset Transfer on our website.

We provide assistance and advice directly to prospective applicants, and work with external organisations such as COSS and CVS/SCVO to provide direct support.

Community Choices funding has been launched in Falkirk and had a large uptake, including applicants seeking funding to repair or maintain community-used assets.

Promotion and support beyond this have been limited due to COVID-19.