If your facilities are used for sports entertainment to which members of the public are admitted as spectators, you need an indoor sports entertainment licence.

How to apply

An application form is available to download:

Application form for a new or renewal of an Indoor sports licence
Change of address form

You can also get an application form by contacting us:

Safety of sports grounds

We are responsible for inspecting stadia and issuing safety certificates under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 and The Fire Safety and Safety of Places of Sports Act 1987.

A safety certificate is required for all stadia with a capacity of 10,000 or more spectators and for grounds which have covered stands with a capacity of 500 or more.

The general safety certificate covers the use of the stadium and regulated stands for certain specified sporting activities, for example football, rugby. When the stadium is used for other spectator activities, such as a music concert, a special safety certificate will be required.

For more information on sports ground safety please contact us: