Evelyn Syme

Having lost her job in early 2020 during national lockdown, Evelyn found herself struggling with finding work and wasn't sure what work options were available to her. Evelyn contacted our Employment and Training Unit (ETU) and was introduced to the Fair Start Scotland team. After a short time working with the team, Evelyn took the brave step into work as a COVID-19 cleaner with First Bus.

One of the Fair Start team members, Trevor, who supported Evelyn said:

Evelyn's employer and I considered her a real COVID Hero; working on the front line when most of us were trying to stay safe at home.

As the restrictions eased, Evelyn's role came to an end and so worked with the Fair Start team again, looking for new and permanent positions. Evelyn worried that due to her age, she may not be as employable. However, her work as a cleaner during lockdown provided her with real experience to take forward to a new employer.

Just over a month later, Evelyn successfully achieved a new cleaning role. When asked about her experience of being helped by the Fair Start Scotland team, Evelyn explained:

I could not have done this without their continued support and help. I will be forever grateful to you.

Trevor explains:

I find many people of a certain age don't think of themselves as employable and so are reluctant to engage with the help we can offer through Fair Start. However, I'd really encourage anyone who is unemployed and seeking work, to contact us and let us support the potential you already have. Evelyn is a great example to anyone selling themselves short due to their age.

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