Our conflict resolution services help improve the quality of life in communities in the Falkirk Council area. We can provide specialist assistance for people experiencing anti-social behaviour or neighbour disputes. The services we offer are:


    Our Mediation Service gives people the opportunity to resolve issues about neighbours or minor anti-social behaviour with the help of professionally trained mediators. Please see our Mediation page for more information.

    This service is free and voluntary. For mediation to be successful, everyone involved must show that they are willing to resolve the situation.

    We also offer family mediation for young people to help prevent them becoming homeless.

    Conflict Resolution Officers

    Our specially trained officers can help residents by, investigating antisocial behaviour to try to improve the quality of life for those affected by it.

    This includes:

    • Preventing negative behaviour escalating by using acceptable behaviour agreements
    • Working with SACRO, the youth justice mediation service, to prevent youth antisocial behaviour
    • Supporting non-council residents by managing cases in the same way as Neighbourhood Offices do for council tenants


    Our specially trained officers from Falkirk Investigation Response and Support Team (F.I.R.S.T) can deal with serious antisocial behaviour. They work with Police Scotland, voluntary agencies and other council services. Cases are usually referred to F.I.R.S.T by a local Housing Office.

    F.I.R.S.T can:

    • Investigate antisocial behaviour
    • Identify and act on the appropriate course of action to resolve the situation
    • Gather any evidence needed to take legal action
    • Act as professional witnesses
    • Apply for Antisocial Behaviour Orders
    • Work with other agencies to support tenants
    • Provide support for people who are acting as witnesses through the Victim Support Service and the Witness Service

    If you own your property or rent from a private landlord please call us through the ASB Reporting Line on: