Exporting your products or services can open up new markets, customers and opportunities. It is also good for the local and national economy.

If you are looking to grow your business outside of Scotland, Business Gateway can help you get support from Scottish Development International's Smart Exporter programme.

The Smart Exporter programme gives you access to free support, providing you with the international business skills and the knowledge to export your products or services successfully outside of Scotland.

You can get free access to:

  • International trade experts
  • Local networking events
  • Accredited training
  • Strategy workshops and forums
  • Fact sheets and guides
  • International business opportunities

To see how ready your business is for export, you can take Smart Exporter's free online business evaluation. This will help identify which support services are best suited to your business and what actions you can take to make the most of your international potential.

Smart Exporter has helped more than 3,000 Scottish companies develop their international ambitions. The programme's export advisers can answer your questions on doing business outside of Scotland.