The current round of Community Choices has closed. We will be accepting new applications in September 2021. Please check back soon for more information.

    Can anyone submit a Community Choices proposal?

    Yes. Anyone who live in the Falkirk Council area can apply. This includes:

    • Clubs
    • Organisations
    • Community groups
    • Individuals

    I'm applying on behalf of a local community group, do we need to be a registered charity?

    Contact us if you’re unsure whether your group can apply to Community Choices. We’ll be happy to discuss your application with you.

    I don’t know how much money my idea will cost, can I still submit an Expression of Interest form?

    Yes. Whilst it is important to have a clear breakdown of costs by the time a proposal is being put to a public vote, at this stage we really want to hear your ideas for how to improve your community.

    What will Community Choices not fund?

    Community Choices funding cannot be used for the following areas:

    • Any political activities.
    • Routine building maintenance or repairs.
    • Routine running costs (salaries / electricity / rates / rent / insurance).
    • Applications from schools (these are the responsibility of the local authority). However, Parent Councils and Associations can apply for extra activities over and above the normal learning and teaching.
    • More than one application per group in the financial year.
    • Applications that are likely to benefit only private businesses or individuals.

    I have an idea but I’m not sure what fund I should be applying for, can you help?

    Our guidance page explains the difference between the Small Grants and Capital Funds.

    If you’re still unsure, however, email us and we’ll do our best to help.

    My idea covers more than one Council ward area, can I still apply?

    Yes. We understand that some proposals will not be restricted to one ward. On the Expression of Interest form select the ward that you or your organisation are based in, but also let us know which other wards that would benefit.

    Can I submit more than one project proposal?

    Only one project per community body can be submitted. We are keen to ensure that we receive the best possible project proposals and that everyone has an opportunity to participate in Community Choices.

    How are Community representatives selected for the Advisory Panel?

    Anyone who applies to join the Panel will be asked to complete a short application form where they outline their suitability and skills that they’d bring. We will carefully review all applications to join the Panel.

    How much support will I receive in completing my application?

    The Advisory Panel will support applicants to prepare the best application possible.

    If my application is successful, how much support will I receive in making my idea a reality?

    The Advisory Panel will signpost applicants to various services – for example, Council departments or local charity/voluntary organisations – to ensure that successful projects are delivered. Ultimately, however, Community Choices is about empowering local communities to deliver the changes that they want to see in their areas.

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