Everyone should be safe, and feel safe, in their own community and in their own home.

The Falkirk Council area is one of the safest places to live in Scotland and has one of the highest solved crime rates nationally.

Feeling safe is an important factor in making decisions such as where to live or where to locate a business. Safe communities are also healthy communities, as people do not live in fear and feel able to go out and socialise.

To make our communities safe, we must:

  • Tackle antisocial behaviour - which includes public disorder, vandalism, noise, dog fouling and fly-tipping.
  • Make our communities aware of how to stay safe - which includes home safety, road safety and fire safety.
  • Protect the public – which includes domestic abuse, sexual crime, and protecting children the elderly and vulnerable adults.
  • Tackle drug and alcohol abuse - which includes adult alcohol abuse, underage drinking, and drug abuse and the impact it has on families and friends.

More information can be found in the Community Safety Partnership's Strategic Assessment document:

Strategic Assessment

Additional information can be found on the Protecting people from harm page.