How we perform is important to us. We use performance information to track how well we are doing and where we need to improve.

Publishing performance information allows us to keep you informed of our progress and keeps us accountable.

Performance is reported in many of the committee meetings.

Here is an overview of our performance.

Our Strategic Plans

2020 has been a significant year. Facing a pandemic and working with partners to support the people of Falkirk in an event never experienced before. We have also come to a crossroad in terms of our strategic aims, with a new Falkirk Plan, Corporate Plan and Business Plan. This is always an opportunity to assess progress, and the needs of Falkirk. If there was ever a time to reassess need and priorities, 2020 is it.

The Falkirk Plan: Due 2021

Making Falkirk 'the place to be' and improving the lives of our people is at the heart of what we do. We cannot do this alone, so working within the Community Planning Partnership is key. By working effectively together, we can endeavour to deliver better public services to the area.

The Corporate Plan 2020-2022

The Corporate Plan is our vision framework. It focuses on our Council priorities and future engagement with communities.

The Business Plan

The Business Plan is how we will deliver our priorities through our Council of the Future change programme, Medium Term Financial Plan and Workforce Plan.

Falkirk Council Economic Recovery Plan

Our COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan presents information on the economic impact and findings of the consultation concerning COVID-19 and how we will recover.

Digital Falkirk 2020-2025

Our framework for digital improvement of services, engaging more effectively with our communities and to reduce operational costs.

Local Government Benchmarking Framework

The Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF) is a high-level benchmarking tool designed to support management and elected members to ask questions about key council services. There are over 80 indicators, ranging from education, housing, and planning and looks as service delivery, cost of providing these services and satisfaction levels. It is very useful to help us evaluate our performance as we can compare how other councils are doing and how we compare nationally.

Time of Transition

Due to the period of transition between the Falkirk Plan and Strategic Outcomes & Local Delivery Plan (SOLD) and the Corporate Plan, here is an overview on how we have done in the previous plans.

Strategic Outcomes & Local Delivery Plan (SOLD)

Here is the latest/last report for the SOLD.

Community Planning Board Papers 08 October 2020

The Corporate Plan

Here are the last reports for each of the Priorities.


We are regularly audited and inspected by external agencies such as Audit Scotland. Here are the most recent audits and inspection reports.

Complaints Annual Report

We are required by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to report on its performance in handling complaints. This report is published annually and shows how the Council performed against a set of key performance indicators developed by the SPSO.

Complaints Annual Report 2019-20

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman investigations

There are very occasionally times when members of the public feel we don't perform as we should do. Reports from the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman relating to Falkirk Council can be found on the SPSO website.